Saturday, February 20, 2016

our week.

I just love watching her learn
Cant believe our boy is 10 months! 

Life is so much better when you have mommy friends to share life with! 

Our peanut the last three years on Valentines day!

Her favorite v-day present! She loves drawing! 

Thankful that I've celebrated Valentine's Day with this stud for 10 years!! 


Grandpa with his Valentine's! 

Practicing standing! He's just so teeny! 

Stayed home from work on Wednesday to take care of my sick girl, and now I'm sick! 

Kylie laid in my bed the whole 30 mins I ran on the treadmill... thats when you know a 2 year old really doesn't feel good! 

I love seeing her use her imagination everyday! 

Ran on the treadmill yesterday for 20 minutes, I was tired and sick but wanted to get the blood pumping a little! 

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