Friday, April 14, 2017

Our Micah is 2!!

It seems like yesterday that I was getting admitted into the hospital on a rainy April morning to bring our boy into the world. 
Life sure has changed since the day you were born; Micah my boy you sure do fill our life with so much laughter you good ball! With your silly laugh, your constant use of the word "yeah", always ready to go bye bye when you go grab your shoes, asking for a banana all the time... you fill our hearts with so much love my boy! You're such a sweet and cuddly boy always up for a snuggle and a kiss before bed. When I get you up in the morning it's rare when you don't have a smile on your face or are jumping in your crib ready for the day. Thank you for being such a joy to be around and for your big smiles and your genuine love for being around people! It has been so fun to see you grow into a tiny little person (thankful you're finally up to 20 lbs!) and see that twinkle in your eyes continue to grow! Daddy and I are so excited to watch and see the young man that you turn into! All our love sweet boy, Daddy, Mommy & Kylie

Here is a glimpse of Micah's minion Birthday Party!