Friday, June 9, 2017

Insta Love

Happy Friday friends! As we head into the weekend I just thought I would share some of my recent Instagram pictures.. I love taking pictures and this app is great for sharing my love for pictures!! Hope you all have a blessed weekend!


Playing outside

Relaxing with daddy before bed

Patiently waiting to see Daddy's car pull in the driveway

Making wishes

Morning cuddle time

Lunch date at Noodles with Mommy

PJ cuddling

He didn't want Mommy to do her workout... so we cuddled till Daddy got home

Here's to LOVING myself FIT instead of HATING myself THIN. I am a Mommy and I fully
believe in setting a good & healthy example for my children. I want them to know the power of LOVING
yourself; mind, body & soul like my beautiful Mama taught me!

The very rare date night! 

Fun at the Great Lakes Aquarium 

Summer haircut!

Getting back into my running groove, now that the weather is warm!
Fun at Gooseberry Falls
Daddy love
This man is my everything
MN summer, LOVE! 

Thumbs up from Kylie for doing my workout plus 130 squats

Red Sox love
Micah finally got his blue bike he's been asking for since Kylie got her bike!
Their helmets are on the way! We are excited for them to put lots of miles on
these this summer!  
First day of summer break fun at the park!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hello June, Summer is that you?!

As we approach summer and the end of the school year, I am looking forward to working less hours and spending my days with my babies! I have been working at the elementary school here in town as a Para and have really enjoyed it! I'm not guaranteed a job for next year, so we are trusting God with His plan, and that means I get the summer "off". I'll be working a couple evening shifts at Walgreens so I can be home with the kids during the day and won't need to worry about childcare! 
We are looking forward to warm weather, going to the park and for walks! Hoping to sign them up for swimming lessons and to find some fun bikes for both of them! Kylie & I are excited for our trip to CO for my best friends wedding in July where I'll be a bridesmaid and she'll be the flower girl! Daddy is excited to spend one on one time with Micah while we are gone and Meme (JC's mom) will be flying out to watch Micah while daddy is at work. 
I took some pictures of the kiddos yesterday and hope you enjoy them! Have a fantastic and blessed day friends!