Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hello June, Summer is that you?!

As we approach summer and the end of the school year, I am looking forward to working less hours and spending my days with my babies! I have been working at the elementary school here in town as a Para and have really enjoyed it! I'm not guaranteed a job for next year, so we are trusting God with His plan, and that means I get the summer "off". I'll be working a couple evening shifts at Walgreens so I can be home with the kids during the day and won't need to worry about childcare! 
We are looking forward to warm weather, going to the park and for walks! Hoping to sign them up for swimming lessons and to find some fun bikes for both of them! Kylie & I are excited for our trip to CO for my best friends wedding in July where I'll be a bridesmaid and she'll be the flower girl! Daddy is excited to spend one on one time with Micah while we are gone and Meme (JC's mom) will be flying out to watch Micah while daddy is at work. 
I took some pictures of the kiddos yesterday and hope you enjoy them! Have a fantastic and blessed day friends!


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