Friday, May 25, 2012

A Prayer for Today...

I have been reading a wonderful devotional book titles the one year book of Hope by Nancy Guthrie. It is a wonderful book and has truly helped my hope be restored in the short two weeks I have been reading it. In it she talks about how Jesus suffered and was stricken with grief over losing a friend. Her feelings so describe how I have been feeling lately, struggling with the fact that God has the opportunity to save us from pain but he chooses not to. But we as christian hold tight to that fact that we know his plan for our life is perfect even when we can't see it in mist of our pain. So here is the prayer from my devotional today, thought I would share it with you! Have a wonderful weekend!


All powerful God, I believe by faith that your plans for my life are perfect and flow out of your love for me, but parts of this life have caused me such pain! Show me how to submit, teach me obedience, and allow me to see your glory.


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