Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Could Have Been.

 I try to focus on the future and not look back, it is difficult not to stop and think about what could have been. Everyday I think about what Maggie Grace would look like now, what she would be learning, wondering what her laugh would have sounded like, seeing her smile for the first time. Trying to imagine what life would be like with her, being a mommy everyday and seeing JC be a daddy everyday!

She will always be my first born, my daughter, the one I cared for and carried for nine months. Maggie Grace is so much of my heart, so is a product of mine and JC's love for each other, she is so special and we miss her everyday. So, it is easy to stop and wonder what life could have been with her. But JC and I hold strong to our faith in God and know that he will bless us with more children. After all JC and I have so much love for each other and so much love to give that we need some babies to spread that love to and teach about our loving God to.

Even though it is easy to think about what could have been, I strive to focus on the here and now. To soak up each day and what it has to hold, enjoying JC and our crazy puppies. I strive to have a hope in the future but not to get so wrapped up in the future that I miss out on life right now! I am hoping that with a new month rapidly approaching that I can make this new month about loving my life where I am now! Greeting each day as a new start, with fresh hope and new things to experience. So heres to tomorrow and all that it holds!



  1. Your light shines brightly...and your hope inspires. Thanks for bringing God glory. You are a blessing. =-)