Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hello July!

Another month done, where the heck did June go? July might be one of my favorite months, because JC and I were married on July 23rd! This month hold many things for us, we will be busy with teens and doing youth group events! I hope that even though we will have a crazy busy month that we still find time to be with one another! The things I'm looking forward to this month...

1. Celebrating 2 wonderful years of being married to my best friend!!
2. Baking and coming up with new cupcake recipes and making some pies! 
3. Celebrating 4th of July! 
4. Going for daily walks with the pups.
5. Going hiking/ camping.
6. Enjoying time with friends.
7. Helping out with VBS at church.
8. Holding and watching one of my close friend's baby girl grow! (She's only 2 weeks old right now!)
9. Soaking up as much sun as possible... life is too short to watch the world from the window.
10. Spending every morning with my God! 

I hope and pray that this month will be filled with many wonderful things and that it won't go by too fast! May your July be filled with my blessings!! 


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