Friday, July 13, 2012

Looking to the Future...

As I look over our calendar for the remainder of summer, I have so many fun things to look forward to! JC leaves tomorrow for CHIC in Tennessee and will be gone for a week.. I'm going to miss him so much but I have plenty of friends here in the Falls to keep me busy! Not to mention the two furry hairballs that will keep me busy as well! I will be getting my hair trimmed, way over due, using up a massage gift card I got for my birthday last year, making a Target trip (yes, our town is that small... we have to travel 1.5 hours to get to the nearest Target!) spending time with different friends and giving myself plenty of God time while JC is gone.

July is already flying by and I know that August will fly by as well maybe even faster then July... I have a fun trip planned in August and then JC and I are hoping to get to my family cabin in Michigan for labor day! Youth group seems to keep both JC and I super busy, even though it's not my job I still feel like it takes up a lot of my time too... but I don't mind, I love the kids!! When I'm on Facebook recently it seems like all I see are more and more babies! I really love seeing that people are getting pregnant and having safe deliveries! 

My heart skips a beat thinking about our next baby, I just can't wait until that pregnancy test is positive! I am still leaving it up to God in the timing of the next pregnancy, but I am getting really excited for the next babe! I know that we will have our babies and I have a feeling that it could be right around the corner! Only God knows for sure, so I will be waiting patiently until God is ready to gift us with another little person! 

JC made a yummy dinner and now we are going to enjoy a quite night watching a movie, then we are up at 4am to get him to church for the trip! I am praying for a safe trip for him and all the other people traveling to CHIC! I am also praying that this will be a good week for me reflecting and focusing my energy on the rest of the summer!! Here are some pics from this week! I hope you all had a blessed week and have a relaxing weekend!!


Strawberry Heart

I realized I didn't post any pics from 4th of July! Here is the yummy
fruit pizza I made for youth group! 
Awesome Fireworks in the Falls! 
On Saturday JC & I made our first trip into Canada and visited
some friends form church! I loved being on the lake in a boat again!! 

Beautiful Little Turtle Lake in Mine Centre, Canada!
On our way back to the good Ol' USA

Encouraging Devo! 

Went for a tour of Boise paper mill yesterday! Our tour guide was
lovely Paige, such a fun girly! 

Tuesday I won a free Lia Sophia ring at the party I went too!
I love it, it's my new favorite ring!! 

Shared a yummy chocolate malt with my love at one of our favorite
places to eat in town this morning!! 

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