Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hope in the Future

Life is carrying on at regular pace these days, our calendar for the rest of November is filling up and so is December. My doctor appointment went well on Tuesday, we were able to hear baby pistachio's heartbeat for a brief time little stinker liked hiding (which is easy to do when one is so little) Doctor Crossely said the heart rate was right around 170, so we'll have to see if this means another girl or not! My blood pressure has been high so I am back on my BP medicine once a day and go back for a BP check in a couple of weeks. 

Lately the word HOPE has struck a new core in my heart and what it truly means to have hope in the future and what is to come. My devotional has come to my rescue once again this week as I had a meltdown about what our future will hold and grabbed my devo and dug in. God knows what he is doing with this devo, it always relates to the struggles I'm having at the time. All I know is that I have Hope for our future and for our baby pistachio, I have Hope that this baby will be healthy and we will get to keep it, I have Hope that God will provide a job for JC and that we will find health insurance. I have to have Hope because if I didn't I would not be a true follower of Christ, When you have Hope in a God that you can't see or feel that is when you have tried and true Faith and Hope. 

I hope you all had a great week, JC is taking me to see (Twlight) today even though he doesn't want to see it. He is such a wonderful man and I love him SO much and could not imagine my life without him! After that we are spending the night in with each other... the kind of nights we cherish and look forward to! I am cherishing them even more now that baby is on the way and our date nights, and sleeping in mornings will be limited once baby gets here! I hope your weekend is filled with life giving moments and ones to cherish! Here are some pics from our week!


Monday morning we woke up to SNOW! So on went the warm hat
& cozy boots! 

Cuddling in bed with my boys! 

JC sealing up the windows with plastic to help
save on heating costs!

My before and after shot, I did it, I chopped 11 inches off!! I will be
donating my hair... just have to pick the organization.
I must say it's strange walking out of the salon with a bag of your hair haha! 

Thursday JC was gone all day, so I got chinese food for dinner put my
sweats on and watched whatever my little heart

Another shot with the new short hair, I must admit I'm
liking it a lot... so much easier! 

We started today out with some yummy pancakes! 

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