Friday, November 9, 2012


This past Wednesday JC did a talk on surrendering our lives to Jesus, boy has that been our story line since we have been married. We surrendered our future and what it holds to him the day we said I Do, we surrendered our baby Maggie Grace while she was in the womb and after we lost her, and now we find ourselves in another time of our lives to surrender.

With JC's job up in the air and no guarantee of us staying in International Falls, no job openings in MN, our health insurance running out at the end of the year, and a new baby growing in my tummy. It is safe to say that both mine and JC's stress level is at an all time high, I'm working on not being stressed and worrying because I know it is not good for me or the baby. Surrendering all of these things to Jesus is difficult but it's all that we can do, He calls us to surrender and trust him whole heartily. We are human and can not handle the weight of all these things on our shoulders, but we can do our part and pray, be applying to jobs, and searching out new insurance (that covers pregnancy, surprisingly a lot of insurances don't if you are just joining their insurance) I think the biggest key in this all is praying, trusting God, and knowing that he will provide like he always does.

I was just thinking today that "when will JC and I be done getting tested by God" then I realized I don't think he every stops testing us. I know that he test people in different ways, but man it sure feels like we have a lot of big things that we get tested on... sometimes it is very tiring. However having faith in our God and knowing that his timing is always perfect and that he always provides for us is what we must cling to to make it through the hard days, the stressful days, the tiring days, and on the good days too.

So here JC and I are standing at a crossroads once again in our lives, ready to settle down and start our family together, surrendering it all to the who made it all!

In other news, I am just exhausted these days! I think I forgot how truly tired I get when I'm pregnant, but I am so thankful to be carrying another baby and that is all that matters in my book! I ordered our Christmas cards this week and I'm excited to get them and send them to all the people we love. Next week I scheduled to get my hair chopped, and I mean chopped! I told JC that when I got pregnant again I was going to chop my hair at the beginning of the pregnancy to see how fast it grows, and I've decided that I will be donating my hair to locks of love. I hope you all have had a great week, I'm looking forward to a quite weekend with my love.


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