Monday, December 31, 2012

2012... A Year in Review

Wow 2012 has definitely been a year filled with; tears, pain, questioning God's plan for our life, holding close to God and growing in our faith, being tested, patients being tried, clinging to JC, spending time with family while healing physically and emotionally, carrying, holding, and letting go of our baby girl. I feel as though this year as been the hardest one to date, 2010 (the year my mom passed away) was another tough one but it was also the year JC and I got married. So 2012 was filled with more hardship and heartbreak then 2010, I think our "good" years are apparently the odd numbered years haha... I do hope that we will have more good years in our future then bad ones. I think saying goodbye to 2012 will feel like turning a new chapter in our lives, obviously the most exciting thing about 2012 was finding out that we are expecting another baby! 

Which by the way I have been feeling baby move almost everyday since Christmas morning and I think this little one is going to be an active one!! Excited that we only have about 2 weeks left until we will hopefully find out if we are expecting a blue or pink bundle of joy in May! 

Anyway I set out to pick out 12 pics from 2012 to show our year in pictures, but there are a few more then 12... hope you don't mind!!! So, please enjoy and have yourself a safe and fun NYE!! 


January... the month of our daughters birth and death. Started the
year rough and allowed for time of healing.

February... Having to say goodbye to my Grandma &
remembering my Mom in the month she also passed.

March... trying to stay confident in a new body after giving birth.

Also March... finding our smiles again and enjoying time together! 

April... our  baby Zeke came into our lives and ever since has brought
us much joy & laughter! (after he was potty trained of course!)

May... Celebrated Dad & Mary getting married! Thankful for Mary in our
lives and SO glad to see my Daddy happy again! 

June... our much needed trip to Duluth, filled with great memories!! 
Also June.... was thankful and happy I was able to spend 2 whole weeks
with these kiddos!! So many fun memories! 

July... Celebrated our 2 year anniversary of being Husband & Wife!
Thankful to have this man of faith walk side by side with me in life! 

Also July.... celebrated the six month Heaven birthday of our precious angel! 

August... visited Chicago and was able to spend time with two of
my best friends!! 

End of August... Week long trip to my family cabin in MI. So great,
lots of memories and great time away together!! 

September... the teens super hero kickoff....

And a week later received wonderful news!! 

October... had some wonderful visitors for my birthday!! 

November... got to see our little pistachio for the first time at almost 9 weeks! 

Also November.... celebrated JC's Birthday & I chopped my hair! 

December... Got to spend time with family! So happy we were able to
see Ryleigh when we were in the cities!!! 
Also December.... Thankful John was able to spend Christmas
with us!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

As tonight is Christmas eve and we reflect on the birth of Christ... I found myself thinking about our Maggie Grace and how I was only a week away from my due date this time last year. Pastor Darren talked about the tiny hands of the baby Jesus, and my mind turned to Maggie's tiny hands. I am so thankful for baby Jesus and what his birth and death symbolizes, and I feel guilty that thoughts of our Maggie Grace flooded my thoughts tonight. I kept myself busy all day baking, so I didn't think much about Maggie until we were pulling into the church parking lot. Thinking about how we would have an almost one year old with us and that she would be all dressed up for Christmas. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am missing my baby Maggie and I am so unbelievably thankful for this new baby growing inside me! Praying that you all have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by family and people that love you! We are heading to my Dad's house tomorrow and I could not be more excited to spend time with my fam! Here are a few pics from our week!! 


Day:19 Starts with S... Santa

Day:20 Weather... more and more snow!

Zoey falling asleep/ falling off the chair as Grandpa pets her! 

Day: 21 Tree

Wearing my new scarf that my SIL made me! 

Day:22 Decoration... the nativity scene, the only decoration that
matters during the Christmas season! 

This is what happens when the Barber men get together
The tools come out and they fix stuff! 

Day: 23 Joy is... having my fur baby cuddle up next to me! 

Merry Christmas from the Barber's!! 

Father and Son on Christmas Eve! 

Day: 24 Tradition... baking Christmas cookies, baking
today made me miss my mom like crazy! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Preparing My Heart

Day 13: Lights
As the holiday season is in full swing and Christmas right around the corner, I find myself trying to prepare my heart. Preparing for what would have been our first Christmas with Maggie Grace, preparing for not being able to put her in a cute Christmas dress, preparing for her first Birthday. I just feel like there are many milestones just around the corner that we would have been celebrating with her/ for her. Instead we are left with that void in our life, that even as more children come in the picture I am sure will always be there. The void and absence of our first born baby... our precious Maggie Grace. They say after you lose a loved one the first's you face with out them are always the hardest, I think this is true and have been there before with missing my Mom. I would like to think of a tradition that we can do every year at Christmas time that honors both my Mom and Maggie Grace, so that our kids know about them and so they don't get forgotten. I suppose I have time until this baby growing in my belly will fully be able to comprehend why we have a tradition! Any way those have been my thoughts as of lately, preparing my heart for what is to come. 

In other news JC's dad (John) is in town now, he arrived Tuesday night and it has been wonderful having him here with us! The next few days are going to fly by with JC's busy schedule at the church and before we know it, we will be on the road to my dad's house on Christmas day! I am SO excited to see my family, bummed that Brian and Shannon won't be with us... but I will get to see them in a couple of weeks!! My prayer for this holiday season is that we all take the time to think about what a true gift that precious baby Jesus was and still is in our lives! I hope you have had a fabulous week and that this weekend is full of life giving moments! Here are some pics to catch you up on life at the Barber's! 


Day 11: Sweet... Reese's peanut butter cup

Had our last release time, my sweet 5th graders and I...
I know I'm short! 

Day 12: Hat

My sweet fur babies cuddling in bed with daddy and I! 

Made these gingerbread cupcakes with cream cheese
frosting for the youth coach dinner on friday!
Also Day 13: Something green

My sweet husband and I at the youth coach dinner! 

White Christmas, my all time favorite Christmas movie!
Such a classic! 

Day 14: Outdoors

Day 15: Something you made... the centerpiece and the cookies! 
Day 17: On the floor, my pretty Zoey girl! 

Just thought this was an awesome pic! 

Hello 16 weeks! Only 4 weeks left till we can find out boy or girl! 

I think we are having a baby boy... but we will see! 

Father and Son! Also Day 18: Makes me feel Merry!
Having family together for the holidays!!