Friday, February 8, 2013


Transition; I'm rapidly understanding that life is all about transition... well at least it seems like it for JC and I. Over the last 2.5 (since we got married) We are on our third big move and our third grown up job position. We have transitioned from MN to NH then back to MN and now on to FL... wow quit the adventure we have been on these last few years! JC did promise me when we got married that life wouldn't be boring with him, and man was he right!! I knew marrying a youth pastor the possibility of moving around was very high, the only time I will have a hard time moving is once our kids are in school. I think going through transition is good, it teaching you about yourself, it makes you put your trust in God whole heartily, and it most definitely makes life interesting and worth living!!

With that all said our house is becoming more and more empty, we sold our big couch and one of our dressers today. We are selling all of my childhood furniture which is kinda hard to say goodbye to but at the same time with our fresh new start I think it's time to get some grown up furniture!! Monday we are donating a bunch of clothes, it feels got to bless other people with things they may need, it's also nice to have less things to pack and move! Seeing stuff leave the house is making it more really that we are leaving to move across the country in 10 days!! Yikes, crazy!! I am SO excited to get to Florida and to settle in to our new home!!

Tonight my brother Brad is coming to spend the night and to pick up some our furniture that they're taking for their boys! He's also taking our nursery furniture to store for us, which we are extremely thankful for... it's not time to let go of our baby dreams yet. I still have to go through Maggie's clothes and other belongings of hers, which I am dreading going through it all but in some ways I'm hoping it will be therapeutic for me. Any way I am excited to see my brother and spend a little time with him, although I think JC will see more of him than I will. Tomorrow morning I'm going to coffee with my three closest friends as a farewell get together and while I'm doing that JC and Brad are going fishing! My days seem to be filling up and going by faster and faster, I'm sure the next 10 days will fly by!

On another note, today is my One Year Blog anniversary! I can't believe that a year has passed since I have started spelling my guts on here... thank you for all who have read my blog and for your support over the last year of our life. I have truly appreciated all the prayers and encouraging notes you have sent me!! I'm looking forward to another year of writing and documenting our lives... and maybe another baby on the way, only God knows! :) I hope you all have a blessed weekend! Not sure when I will have time to blog again, might not be until we arrive in FL!


I just had to share this sweet pic of Zeke


  1. I have to say, I enjoy following your blog. Reading your words has blessed me in ways you don't even know. I pray that you and your husband will have a safe trip to FL. I am just a *smidge* jealous..:) -Tierney

  2. Good luck with the big move!