Sunday, December 29, 2013

Welcome Miss. Kylie Joy!

On December 16th 2013 at 8pm I gave birth to a healthy baby girl after carrying her for 36 weeks & 2 days! She weighed in at 6 lbs 3oz and is a little peanut at 18.5 inches… taking after her mommy! They decided to deliver her early because my blood pressure had spiked and given my past they thought it would be safest to take baby out, and the delivery could not have gone any smoother. The moment JC and I heard her cry for the first time, I started crying and felt such a sigh of relief! When they put her on my chest for the first time, I was in absolute bliss! We had a short stay at the hospital, I had her on a Monday and we left Wednesday night. Since being home with her, we are learning her cries and what each one means… we are enjoying her little smiles and just loving being a family of three, finally!! 
We decided on the name Kylie Joy, because she is the Joy that we have been waiting so long for. I had been calling her Kylie from pretty early on and absolutely love the name. Motherhood is busy and overwhelming at times, I get overwhelmed with emotions; happy, sad, joy, bliss, and so many more. I am so thankful for my loving and supportive husband, he is an amazing daddy and my heart bursts with so much love when I see the two of them together!We praise God and feel so thankful for the safe arrival of our little girl!  Here are pictures of our little love, we think she's pretty cute! We love that she has daddy's long blonde eyelashes and mommy button nose and lots of hair like mommy had when she was born!! Enjoy! 


Last pic being pregnant, had no idea we would
be meeting her just hours later! 

Our first pic together! 

Daddy loving his little girl

Love her little smile here! 

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Going home! 

At home with the pups, they love their little sister! 

Out for our first walk! 

Love this face!

cuddles from Zeke

All dressed up for her first Sunday at church!

Almost a weeks old! 

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The church bulletin 

sweet snuggle time!

Daddy kisses!

such little hands!

In her Christmas dress from Auntie Cassie!

Best Christmas present EVER!

Zoey keeping on eye on her sister!

Morning smiles!

cute baby feet!

Tutu from Auntie Shannon!

Wide awake in her cradle!

Long eyelashes!

Mommy kisses & cuddles!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

That Moment...

As my pregnancy progresses and we wait for the doctors to decide when it's time for this little girl to make her arrival, I can't help but think about what it will be like to see her for the first time! What will that moment be like? I just get so excited thinking about it, but can't even imagine how wonderful it will be! Meeting Maggie Grace for the first time was a whole different experience knowing that we would not be bringing her home, I just can't wrap my head around what it will be like to hold this precious girl in my arms knowing she will be coming home with us! 
We are anxiously waiting for her arrival, her nursery furniture should be here on Friday and then I can finally finish her room! I'm so excited to finish it and to feel more organized, I feel so unorganized these days and being limited to how much I can do in a day just adds to that feeling. I also need to pack her baby bag and my hospital bag, I feel like there is so much to do… but really I just can't wait for her arrival, she will make it whether we are ready/prepared for her or not! 
As delivery day comes closer and closer I just keep praying for a smooth delivery, and for that day to be one full so much joy! My BP is staying elevated, but not too high yet… I am just praying that they take her out before things get too complicated. We have had enough complications when it comes to our babies that it would be nice for this one to go as smoothly as possible for a change! I will be seeing the doctor on a weekly basis on top of having a weekly ultrasound until she arrives! That means we are in the last month of this pregnancy and the end is in sight! Which for my body and my sore lower back seems like it can't come soon enough! Blessings on the rest of your week friends! 


Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy December! Baby month!

Well it's here, the month that we will be welcoming our baby girl into the world! She could be here as soon as 2 weeks from now, so my wish for having here by Christmas will more than likely come true! I have so many different emotions that I experience on a daily basis about here arrival! Her room is coming along, we are just waiting for her crib and changing table (which a very sweet lady from our church is donating to us!) and we are on the search to find a dresser. 
Since I have been on bed rest I have had moments of panic, or worrying about silly things and the devil as really tried to get into my mind that something will go wrong at delivery time either with me or the baby. I think one of the main reasons why my mind plays into these lies is because we are so used to things related to our babies going horribly wrong. I just keep reminding myself that my God is bigger than the devil and all my worries! So I am trying to focus on holding my baby and bringing her home with us, the positive and good things I should be focusing on! That darn devil is just trying to steal my joy! We have an ultrasound on Thursday and I'm excited to see how much she weighs now. Starting next week we will have an appointment every week and we have been told that we should just expect to come to an appointment and then they tell us that today is the day! So we will still have the element of surprise of when her Birthday will be. We are just praying that nothing is rushed, or nothing is emergency about her delivery. We are hoping for a smooth and joyous experience! 
On a daily basis we lift our worries and concerns up to God, we leave that day in his hands and are confident that things will go smoothly and that we will be holding her in no time! I am so thankful for a husband who stays calm and knows how to calm me down in my moments of panic and worry. 
We are SO looking forward to welcoming our baby girl into this world and finally experiencing parenthood after starting this journey over 2 years ago with Maggie Grace we feel like it is about time! 
Thank you to all those who have cried with us, prayed with us, and walked with us through this journey to parent hood the past 2 years! We appreciate all the prayers and we would appreciate for them to continue as the day of her arrival approaches! 


I finished my devotional about Hope a week ago.
I take this as a sign of good things to come. Looking forward to saying
goodbye to a time of grief and hello to a time of joy! 

Celebrated my handsome man's birthday… the big 26! 

All ready for our baby shower last Sunday & feeling as
big as a house!

At our baby shower, we felt so blessed by all the gifts we
received! Feel blessed to be part of such an amazing church family!

Zeke cuddling with his baby sister as she had the

Love my  beautiful best friend Myranda! Who has lovely given me
pedicures and helped paint the baby's room! She is
the best!! 

On Thanksgiving! 

My sweet fur babies cuddling!