Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Hello July! We meet again... I'm excited for what you have in store for us this year! Laying in bed the other morning I was thinking about July 8th two years ago... we celebrated Maggie Grace's 6 month Heaven birthday. We have pictures hung on the wall from that day & I was thinking how crazy it is that she would be 2 1/2 this July! My how life has changed since July 8th 2012, and this is the first July 8th we will face with a precious baby in our arms. We can't forget to celebrate our second baby either (don't know if I've shared that we decided to name that baby Tristan David, because we both felt that it was a boy) Tristan will be celebrating 1 1/2 years in heaven... I sure do love those babies and think of them often!
Ok, that's enough of me reflecting! I'm excited for this month for a few reasons...

1.} Watch Kylie try new foods
2.} Watch Kylie try and figure out how to crawl
3.} Help lead VBS at church
4.} Learning new things at work (did I mention I'm working back at Walgreens and love it so far?)
5.} Celebrating the 4th of July with family & friends
6.}Taking Kylie to the beach for the first time
7.} Spending this Friday, Saturday & Sunday with my little family!
8.}Getting back to running (I had to stop because I pulled a muscle pretty bad)
9.}Trying new recipes
10.} Enjoying life right where I am now!

11.} Celebrating 4 years of marriage to my love, best friend, amazing husband!!

Here are some cute pics of the baby & of life lately! Enjoy & Blessings on your week my friends!!

Happy Girl! 

Love my little fam!

Never fails, she always passes out during our walks/runs!

Pulling on Grandpa's beard! 

Apparently she's not a big fan of peas...

How is our little love already 6 months old?!

I may be partial... but I think she is pretty beautiful! 


Getting good at taking pics with mommy!


Family of three! What we have been dreaming about for so long!

First Father's Day with a baby to hold... pretty special! 

Not a fan of socks

Daddy loves! 

Kylie's Father's Day gift to her daddy

Wearing mommy's baby shoes to church! 

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