Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy February!!

The month of January has come to an end and I can honestly say that I am thankful for that! Even though February holds its own hurts for me, January just seems to be a very dark time for us... I just pray that one of these years we can start the year off on a high note rather than a low one. 

This past weekend we were canadating at a church down in Florida, it was SO nice to get away and be in warm sunny weather!! We found out last week that the church here in the Falls will not be hiring JC on permanently. We absolutely loved the church in Florida and feel that it's a perfect fit for us and it's where God is calling us!! The church has extended us a call, but we have to wait for some paper work to go through before it is official. However we are hopeful that everything will go through and we will be on our way to Florida within a few weeks!! We feel so thankful and blessed that God has provided for us once again and are excited for a fresh new start in a new church and climate on top of it all!! So needless to say February promises to be a busy, exciting, and I'm sure at times stressful!! 

In other news our little Zeke turns one today!! My how the time has flown by, he has been an awesome addition to our family and I'm so glad that we have him! I plan on making him some puppy cupcakes later today and seeing him devour them!! I'm also going to bake some yummy chocolate cupcakes to bring to a super bowl party this weekend, I'm excited to get back into baking! I'm trying to be good and eat healthier these days... which is proving harder then I thought! I'm hoping it will only get easier in time! 

Here are some pics from our weekend trip, I hope you all have a great super bowl weekend!! 


Cuddle time with my love before we left on our trip!
This is truly my happy place! 

He loves playing with his red ball... sometimes I think a little
too much!! 

Feeling like I'm getting back into the swing of things! But
my heart is still on the mend! 

I get swept away everyday! I know that's sappy,
but it's true! 

The frost on the window the night before we left,
the low for that night was -42 brrr! 

Excited to be on our way out of the cold and into the warmth! 

We were welcomed by the sun as soon as we landed! 

A peek into the sanctuary in FL

True words! 

Blue skies and palm trees, nothing better! 

At the marina near Belle Glade

We were welcomed home by a fresh foot of snow! 

Loved coming home to these sweet faces!! 

So cold... looking forward to moving to a warmer

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  1. i don't think we've ever met, but i know your husband from camp (i'm sure he doesn't remember me though)and i think we were at npu at the same time. i have been praying for your little family and i absolutely love your blog. you are a wonderful writer. just know that there are prayer warriors out there supporting you! your positive attitude is beeautiful ;)